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Beware of your brain tricking you into thinking you are infected with COVID-19

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W ho remembers "le malade imaginaire"? The imaginary invalid or The hypochondriac by Moliere, a musical, 3 act comedy ballet play that's all about "Argan" the main character of the play, obsessed with his imaginary health issues. I wonder what Argan would have done in the times of Corona.

we've been hearing about people checking their fever every other hour, thermometers have been flying off the shelves, some people are using 2 thermometers per check! All  the while having no symptoms at all. Things are going out of control, this is what hypochondria does to you, it is the unreasonable extreme fear of having an undetectable serious disease.
hypochondria in the times of Corona?
might be useful, more careful, more responsible but be aware of driving yourself into a very hard and dark tunnel that sometimes might go beyond this Corona crisis we're going through.

we also have been hearing lately a cough followed by a one word question, "corona?" Some of us are more susceptible that others. Out of fear and anxiety we somehow create a certain path and our bodies start reacting to that path following every step, the cough, the sore throat, the muscle aches, the sneeze, even the fever... the entire clinical picture. It is our brain tricking our bodies and then believing it! this is what we call psychosomatic syndrome, it is when the physiological manifestations start surfacing because the emotions are too hard to handle and hit a "brick wall", a dead end.

All of this is not to tell you the COVID-19 is not there or is to be taken lightly but to tell you that we also need to watch out for our mental health. Argan would have gone "mad in the times of corona", don't become an Argan
, be "mentally under control... in the times of corona"

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