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ننشر الأمل في زمن الأزمات

Cheers to the introverts of the world

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"The quiet ones"
Introversion, by definition, is a personality trait. Unlike the extroverts those outgoing, enthusiastic, talkative, energetic, life of the party madness, the introvert's attention pulls inward; their thoughts, their moods, an inner world where they seek peace and quiet, they are drained after a certain amount of time socializing, their circles are restricted and small, consisting of a few people and even so, sometimes too hard to handle. So, an introvert tends to spend time alone to regain strength and energy especially after having to deal with society, and when I say society and dealing, for introverts this might be translated into heading over to the grocery shop!
You find introverts in jobs like accounting, editorial, landscape design, graphic design, IT and the best is yet to come, self-employment! Why? Well they are oriented towards careers where they can create a separate loner world, lost in numbers, in designs, technology... Anything but friction with others on a daily basis with no escape. For them, "we" make the world a NOISY place and "we" make it impossible for them to live in.

So why now? Why all the talk about introversion? Well the answer is very simple, Corona virus quarantined most of us at homes, working from home, trapped in our houses, like caged animals, we miss the madness, we miss the stress, we miss the social events we even miss the trip to the grocery shop.
Our best resort are the professionals, the introverts, our saviors.
Studies show that 40% of the Arab world are introverts. Being an introvert is certainly not a condition, there is nothing wrong with introverts, although society can be judgmental when it comes to their "bizarre" behavior but guess what?! They are our only hope. We lead loud hectic lives on fast forward mode, rarely have the time to introspect. INTROSPECTION, think, take some time to ruminate on your past, imagine your future, evaluate the choices you've made, daydream, learn from your mistakes, start with that long list of movies you never got the chance to check, listen to music (there's a huge difference between listening and hearing) listen to the lyrics, look them up... Get to know yourself, you are not the same person since your last check in 😉
Corona has made the world a QUIET place, introverts enjoy and extroverts, observe quietly and learn.

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