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Defense ON! What's going on on the inside

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Back to old school, defense mechanisms, an automated mechanism that builds up out of our bad harmful experiences in order to protect us, to lower our level of anxiety, the mechanism rises from our unconscious, think of it as the automated security gates that are activated, triggered by any suspect movement, that's how it works, there's an identified upsetting stimuli, the "shield" is automatically powered by our unconscious, just like an overprotective mother, or a child reaching for his security blanket.

Here's some of the most common defense mechanism observed lately with the Corona virus pandemic
Denial, refusal of reality, what hurts, scares, upsets simply does not exist. Nowadays we watch people on TV's, social media, on the streets all around the world taking zero security measures of protection vis-à-vis a dangerous pandemic, so irresponsible, DENIAL.

Sublimation, it's the repression of the negative and the transformation into something else, like using the energy of the negative to fuel an activity like gardening or sports for example. There are studies that show brilliant people in their own thing shielded themselves with sublimation at a very delicate age. We are witnessing cook-offs, competing Michelin star chefs, each in their own modest kitchen all over the world, SUBLIMATION.

Regression, the art of escape, time traveling. Escaping from the bad, the hard, from adulthood into a younger age, a less stressful one, a childish one. Women mostly are excellent at regression. An expert eye can observe a woman using regression almost on command! We see women playing with their children and suddenly the age range fades away, REGRESSION.

Rationalization, the gateway of the educated, the cultured, or not?! It's the brain searching frantically for a logical sequence of answers to hide behind, to neutralize the emotions by reasonable answers. Here's an old saying "everyone is a standup comedian", this pandemic made "everyone a scientist", one step away from earning a title! RATIONALIZATION.

Reaction formation, it is like going the opposite side of the highway! Every single bone in your body, every single brain cell is telling you you are scared, you are worried, and yet you fee,
l act and seem happy even ecstatic! Last but not least, the humor of all humor, the memes, the jokes, the sketches...REACTION FORMATION... that we thank you for😄😄
Stay mentally healthy

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