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Here's why we should not panic while staying on prevention mode

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Straight up, here's the answer.
Corona virus or COVID-19 or even SARSCoV2 is a known virus in the medical world that has mutated for some reason, so let's start by saying scientists researchers and doctors already have some time consuming answers to work on in their laboratories, if you know what the problem is, you can work on finding an answer! Keep in mind that in the 1980's it took a couple of years just to identify what the HIV was, so with the Corona we have a head start already, vaccines for future prevention are on their way to human trials and also medication for the unfortunate infected.

For those of us terrified of needles, the test to detect if you are positive (PCR) is by a somewhat, simple nasal swab. What matters is that the test exists and the result is a few hours away.

The most infected area globally was in Wuhan, China, hence, WAS, with the proper measurements, things are looking better. Corona virus is contained. Apart from being worried of contagion, for the loners in our world, and to calm the human selfish part of us, keep in mind that the numbers worldwide indicate that most cases are mild and most people recover "there are 13 times more cured cases than fatal ones, and this proportion is increasing with time".

last but certainly not least, our beautiful Arab world is known for cleanliness and personal hygiene, men and women of our world keep wiping with those precious sanitizers because this virus can simply be wiped away from our homes and entourage, so eventually we can wipe it out of our lives.
Cheer up a little☺️

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