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Anger, are we allowed?

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We are under attack! Not only has the Corona Virus attacked our planet but we, the attacked population, have been attacking ourselves with a much more dangerous weapon on the long run, going against our human nature!
For every scientific article we read, every video we watch, every official text we receive about COVID-19 we have hundreds of articles, videos, texts etc telling us, the social emotional beings, how to remain calm, how to deal with this global pandemic, how to function with the forced quarantine, how to keep our distances and how to social distance ourselves, all for one and one for all. This Corona virus is holding us responsible not only for ourselves and our beloved ones, it holds us responsible and humanly aware for the preservation of our kind, which is obviously too much to handle!

Scientists, researchers, doctors, medical crews are working non-stop to stop the spreading of this lethal virus, and find it's cure, psychiatrists, counselors, therapists, coaches, social workers (us included) are bombarding us with advice, directions, guides, virtual sessions to help us manage.
All this and greater to come, are coping mechanisms, whether we're talking about altruism, where we help others in order to help ourselves or compensation, strengthening ourselves in one area opposing to weaknesses in other areas, this is the human attempt to adapt with unusual conditions, upsetting ones, unfamiliar and unstable events in our lives and what greater than this viral attack?!

What scares us humans the most, is the uncertainty, the loss of control. We are all living in fear, fear of the virus itself, getting infected, fear of loss, what if we lose someone to Corona, fear of tomorrow, the uncertainty of how our future will evolve, but most of all we are afraid of ourselves!
Yes ourselves, why? Because we are social creatures, and we have taught ourselves for the benefit of survival, to behave "politically correct", but now that our system is threatened, we are unconsciously terrified to go back to the "law of the jungle", instinctively with fear comes anger and with anger starts aggressiveness! There, to all of those wondering about the viral videos, stories and news about the arguments, the aggression and the fights all over the world in grocery shop... One word: ANGER.

Anger is part of our nature people! Yes we are asked to keep our calm, yes we are guided to a better adaptation with our current situation, yes we are coached into a more Zen attitude, but not only anger is in our nature along with other negative emotions like envy, sadness, fear and guilt, it is also a part of our emotional intelligence, just as healthy as happiness and joy that we feel. The key is about managing that anger in our global situation, it's about validating our anger and finding ways to deal with it without feeling guilty for being angry and frustrated.
Be angry but stay healthy.

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