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ننشر الأمل في زمن الأزمات

Anger Danger and how to tame it

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As a sequel to "Anger, are we allowed?" and the conclusion of anger being a healthy emotion, I figured there must be a space to talk about anger in itself and the different ways of dealing with it properly.
In the world of psychology, there are many classification of anger, not because it is an enigma or not properly studied, but because anger can be classified upon different perspectives.
For today, we will be reviewing this issue based on what is mostly observed nowadays, with this Covid-19 pandemic and the forceful quarantine we are all held responsible to commit to.
Understanding the following types of anger will help us deal with it furthermore.
  • Justifiable anger, it's the anger that one feels because of the injustices of the world, it comes with a certain amount of frustration because we are paralyzed facing a certain situation, world hunger for example, or CoronaVirus, we are angry because we feel helpless.
  • Annoyance anger, it's our day to day life anger, the one that is caused by your husband pressing the toothpaste from the middle of the tube instead of squeezing it from the bottom, or the neighbor keeping his trash bag on the sidewalk instead of throwing it out, it's your kids being loud and nervous after 30 days of QUARANTINE.
  • Aggressive anger, one of the most dangerous forms of anger, well angled aggressive anger is usually intimidating for those who witness it, it can become abusive emotionally and even physically. A mother lashing out at the help, screaming and cussing because they broke the lamp trying to reach the coffee table, what's her "excuse"? She is worried about her family's health and protection during this pandemic.
  • Tantrums, the inappropriate reaction verses the situation, did it ever happen to you? you're shopping for groceries when suddenly a child throws himself on the ground kicking and screaming at the top of his lungs because "mommy wouldn't buy me this chocolate" well it's the same scenario but mommy wouldn't let him go out of the house, a child wouldn't easily understand why we're all prisoners of our own homes, but tantrums happen to adults too.
TIME OUT, tame you anger, we use the verb "tame" usually to describe the behavioral modification of a wild animal because this is what anger does to us, we become untamed, so the first thing to do is to count to 10, TIME OUT, walk away before you regret your behavior and hurt someone else. Walk away and start deep breathing, exhaling longer than inhaling in order for you to calm down, try tensing and relaxing your muscles by pairs 10 times in a row. Remember, you might be right to be angry, but you are certainly wrong to emotionally abuse others. Think of an appropriate response but keep in mind it is always our thoughts that are causing the anger and not the other person.

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