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Autism: Celebrate it with ASD celebrities

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Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD, a wide disorder that appears early in childhood and affects a person's behavior that some might call bizarre or socially awkward.
Therefore, the 2nd of April was designated a day for autism awareness by the United Nations, but I say let it be not only for awareness, but also for celebration!
ASD is behind a bunch of celebrities that we've looked up to throughout our lives in a "spectrum" of domains.
Take for example the "brainiacs", ASD experts suspect Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton had autism, particularly Asperger syndrome, some symptoms of this disorder indicate a higher ability to understand and "digest" complex systems, anything from math and physics to composing symphonies with an orchestra of a thousand plus music instrument, and who better than MOZART, Amadeus Mozart was diagnosed with ASD
and for the more contemporary, modern and young, if you rock!! Rock with "The AutistiX" band, the name does not come empty handed, three of the band members are diagnosed with ASD and are upfront and celebrate it! Courtney Love, the loud and wild actress, song writer, singer, was diagnosed at age 9 with ASD.
80's generation would definitely remember autistic Daryl Hannah "splash" movie star, the mermaid that turns human for love and Sir Anthony Hopkins talking openly about his ASD, back then the world was stunned!

The point is 1% of the population, millions of people are diagnosed with ASD, influencers all over the world have ASD, embrace your diagnosed children, help them grow, invest in them, one day they might be as big as the world!

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