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"Collateral Beauty":Death gives Time all of its value

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Will Smith mesmerized me for an hour and a half in his performance in "Collateral Beauty". A Drama where Smith loses his 6 year old daughter and loses everything with her and how his life changes when he encounters "death", "love" and "time".

The movie is about grief, love, betrayal and friendship, where Smith struggles to understand the meaning of his loss. It is not meant for someone looking for some time to kill, it is a "heavy" movie that makes you think about life, death and you start evaluating your own priorities in life.
To be perfectly honest, I think Allan Loeb, the film writer, should have been a novelist.
I would rather have a book in my hands and all the time in the world dealing with all the twists and turns this film hides and because you end up "reading between the lines" most of the movie.
Collateral Beauty is a beautiful movie with an inspiring ending, highly recommended.

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