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Best strategies for coping with the coronavirus lockdown

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The invasion of Covid-19 was too fast for us to be able to think about the living arrangements we needed for a better, say easier and smoother daily routine. The priorities were scrambled because our self-preservation was a must and we did not have the time or luxury to think about the annoying little things that were about to happen to us if we stay healthy in our own homes which are by today feeling like a prison.
I am not going to sugar coat it, we are stuck at home and we are fed up with it. We have no idea when this will be over and we can't wait to get back to our normal lives, it's not boredom, nor is it emptiness, it is more the attention to details, newly developed, BECAUSE of emptiness and boredom.
This has got me thinking of those who did not have the time nor the privilege of choosing who their next 24/7 partner will be. Yes it can feel like a prison, with the wrong "cellmate".
Spending as much time together as human beings locked in the same place can get pretty annoying pretty fast, breathing down each other's necks feels somewhat heavy, don't get me wrong, this is not about love you can love your wife, husband, children, parents whomever you are stuck with but it does not necessarily mean that you like them! Yes that is a fact, loving someone has nothing to do with liking them. You do not see eye to eye with that other person, you might not approve of his way of life, his habits, his methods, overall you might love the person but secretly disapprove of him, so  by now you start disapproving of his "breathing" around you.
What would be the best strategies to cope with this situation especially if previously, back when our lives were normal and we had the freedom to escape, this was your method. You used to avoid these people and love them quite a bit from FAR FAR away.
  • Speak up, tell others what you need from them to respect when it comes to your personal space, boundaries are vague for others when not specified. 
  • Respect their boundaries, you're all stuck in the same place, they are as uncomfortable as you are, trust me.
  • Sacred alone time, I am aware of the boredom you are going through, but constant friction with others can get pretty toxic to the relationship, take some time off and give them their own space.
  • This is not a war and the quarantine, as much as it may give you a sense of injustice, is not personal and no one's mistake, try being reasonable with your responses and reactions, do not toxify your relationship's dynamic. No one is your punching bag.
  • Try finding common ground, common interest, home activities that you might enjoy sharing with the other, online gaming seems to be working wonders lately, it creates a sense of partnership when playing against strangers.
  • Divide the chores, it is very easy for us to become couch potatoes during this quarantine. It is imperative that you DO NOT become part of the house furniture for others to clean up but set a charter where everyone pitches in! It is fun and refreshing.
  • Redecorate, share your ideas and future plans with your "cellmates" when it comes to your common living space, you might find gems unseen in your own home and discover an artist in yourself and your "cellmate". 
Always remember that the more effort you put into it, the better survival and flexibility skills you will acquire and also comfort yourself by always remembering that our sentenced jail time will soon be over.

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