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Covid-19 gradually exposing human nature

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With this recent CoronaVirus pandemic the world seems in a standstill position, our daily routine has become about not getting infected and/or surviving, all the leisure we had and did not appreciate or were a given to us are now longed for, they are missed. The global lock-down, the self-imposed quarantine, and sometimes the forced one, is starting to take its toll on us, you hear your neighbors within the same household fighting, YOU fight with your own family and entourage, you watch fights breaking on the news between total strangers, you can almost "smell" the aggressiveness in the comment section all over the internet... This is what I would describe as a counter wave of the situation we are imprisoned by.
The aggressiveness, the nervousness, everyone on the edge of bursting is not because of the things we lost, we know that what matters for now is our preservation as a human race and we are aware that our losses are momentary, periodic, this is just a phase, a rough patch which we are all a part of. It is like a nightmare and no one is there to set the alarm waking us all up from this nightmare!
It might not be because of our loss in itself but the aggressiveness, the verbal and physical aggression toward others, the ball of rage burning our stomach is definitely because of our inability to get those things back, hostile aggression is a reactive behavior that is triggered by a stimuli coming from our surroundings and according to Freud, it is explained by our inability to get the things we want, it's the frustration of being incapable! Granted aggression is usually a behavior frowned upon but nowadays it seems our rules are slightly changing, social rules that is, as if this pandemic made us somewhat more forgiving towards each other instead of the judgmental species we have lately become.
In Conclusion, this Pandemic, has made us go back to our core, to our roots with no sophistication nor embellishment, time will only tell which of our basic traits will take over.

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