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Covid-19 the other facet of the Cinderella fairytale

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Here's the ugly truth, we are confined, we are in a lockdown, we are practicing social distancing not only physical, but also emotional distancing from any human interaction.
Governments are forcing isolation, social distancing and curfews, governments are the fairy in the Cinderella story, except in this horror version, Cinderella's mean stepmother and stepsisters, let's call them Covid-19, might be at every gathering waiting to feast on her respiratory system, while the awaited prince charming is out of reach because Cinderella has lost contact by isolating herself.
Contact is becoming blurrier by the second, every day we spend at home confined, we lose a little bit of the social skills we have well learned and earned over the years, and with that loss comes a tiny loss of who we are as social creatures.
The self-isolation is a must, no one is ecstatic about it (well of course except planet Earth), not the people nor the governments that declared some sort of state of emergency all over the world, in order to find a solution to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. We are prisoners of our own homes and in some cases prisoners of our minds, CoronaVirus has taken over the world and taken over our free will. Not to get into a philosophical discussion about the existence or absence of free will, let me simply define it as having some sort of a choice in our decision making and our behavior, I am personally influenced by humanistic psychologists such as Maslow and Rogers stating that freedom is not only a possibility, but it is a must for humans to grow into fully functioning beings, so for me free will is part of our human existence.
"Free" being the key word here, our freedom is sacred and is supposedly only taken away from us as a correctional punishment in the form of indictment and incarceration. The closest scenario I can think of and compare to is imprisonment, this quarantine is forcing a gradual change to our persona, and like every process of change it is taking its time for us to adapt to, and for once I can honestly say that resistance to change in this particular scenario is working in our favor!
The psychological damage to prisoners is a fact, it even has a special term "prisonization", but luckily prison does not make people "crazy" on the contrary, humans adapt by internalizing and functioning upon their new found dynamic, by resisting we are building up our resilience, which means we will be mentally stronger as humans coming out of this globally shared crisis, and with better resilience I
say "and they lived happily ever after".

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