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Covid-19 unites humans worldwide

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Looking back to a few months ago, I vaguely remember news popping up every now and then, political and social analysis, promising us an upcoming World War III, hatred spreading amongst us humans like the parasite it actually is, threats thrown here and there, anger and rage towards each other justifying our despicable behavior, like we do with any war virtual or factual, by linking it to a "CAUSE".
Having a cause has become an excuse for the human race to lack compassion and to unleash the tamed beasts sleeping inside us, tolerance and acceptance in the name of humanity have become an accusation that directly makes of you a traitor or furthermore an enemy to the cause and the people behind it!
ENTERS Covid-19 and what a dramatic entrance it was!
Early January 2020 the entire world was alarmed by the gravity of the fast spreading virus, I can almost picture it like the para-natural creature in low budget horror movies, feeding off our species, killing hundreds of thousands of people in what may seem like an everlasting but, in fact, very short period of time and BOOM just like that everything changes.
Nations worldwide have united, acts of kindness, solidarity, friendly strangers, support systems, social protection etc. humans have gained their sense of humanity back! If ONE good thing can come out this Pandemic, this is it! Humans are human again, so what changed? Just yesterday we were fighting over territories, oil, economy, we were feeding of each other out of greed, today we are facing a common enemy, we are at war with a virus, we started listening to one another, trading information and experiences, leaders of the world quickly realized that cooperation is the only way to survive this novel CoronaVirus.
Once the nightmare is over, its repercussions on our mental health are still vague but if we forget our humanity all over again, there will be no excuse and no cause to hide behind. COVID-19 has exposed our good nature.

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