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Covid-19 Top Fake News!

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During these harsh times we are going through, an alarming amount of fake news is circulating among us passing through as scientific facts when in reality these so called "facts" are only myths that can harm us either directly or indirectly by getting us more susceptible to getting infected with Covid-19 all the while thinking we are shielded.
For generations now, fake information, news and myths have been spreading as fast as light because of two main reasons; Human nature and the internet.
By nature, humans are curious and seemingly like knowledge, and this combination is a very bad combination for spreading fake news because the equation settles on a curious listener and a misinformed spreader, especially when there is no one to monitor the information being spread on many platforms and reaching millions in a heartbeat.
During this pandemic, fake news have been spreading like the virus itself, infecting everyone and putting our lives in danger, why you ask? Because we are taking security measures that are not in fact secure.
We Arabs continue to brag about how early medicine came from our part of the world, how we invented the first healing medicinal "potions", and we continue to live on our ancestor's achievements, we even have our own "Arab medicine practitioners" and I am not to bash such an important part of history, especially that I am first in line to look up home remedies for any discomfort I might feel, whether it is a hot cup of Verbena for indigestion or honey based facial mask eternal youth, but I highly doubt a "magical top secret classified herbal mix" would actually protect me from getting infected.
Get your facts straight! Right from the scientific official source, doctors, scientists, medical researchers all over the world are united, working together under the supervision of the World Health Organization (WHO), here are a sample of  myth busters:
  1. Hand dryers (that we usually find in malls and public toilets) are not effective in killing the newly CoronaVirus.
  2. Ultraviolet disinfection lamp (that we usually find in beauty salons) does not kill the newly CoronaVirus.
  3. Thermal scanners detect only fever and they do not detect the newly CoronaVirus.
  4. Spraying alcohol or chlorine on our body is only harmful for our skin and does not kill the CoronaVirus.
  5. Vaccines against pneumonia do not protect us against the newly CoronaVirus.
  6. Antibiotics do not protect us from the newly CoronaVirus, they treat bacterial infections and not viral ones.
  7. Eating garlic may be healthy overall, but it will not prevent the newly CoronaVirus infection.

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