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Dealing with our sinful addictions during Covid-19

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Most of us have been quarantined for a little over a month now, the lockdown, the social distancing and the self-isolation has led to an "abnormal" life and an abnormal life only drags abnormal behavior.
Let us be honest and transparent with ourselves, we all have secret sins, behaviors that we are well aware will harm us but that does not stop us or restrain us from taking them on, the range can go from what may seem like a meaningless addiction to chocolate, tobacco or caffeine, to a behavioral addiction like shopping, video games or even a work related addiction that we commonly call "workaholic", and of course the more serious addictions like alcohol, narcotics, drugs and overall toxic substance abuse. The problem is that some of these addictions are socially accepted and even welcomed. We have been witnessing the popup of designated "hookah" cafes not only in the Middle East but all over the world! They even call it "hubbly bubbly" what a fun name that is to a lethal substance!😏
We are all addicts at some level, studies suggest that 1 out of 3 people in the world have a serious addiction of some kind and an addict is in a constant pursue of his/her "reward" and we won't stop seeking that gratifying feeling even if we recognize its distress on us, they also suggest that the higher at risk are people dealing with mental disorder like depression and/or anxiety.
Back to being true and authentic, after a little over a month of isolation, the blues is sneaking up on us, escaping the harsh reality we are in will not make it go away! We have a lot of free time on our hands and most of us, let's just say it, are bored out of our minds, if not scared, if not stressed and that free time is the number 1 enemy to any addiction of any kind, the emptiness might push us to a more toxic behavior in search of a certain "high" that we must, AT ALL COST, gratify and this is where we should be alarmed!
DO NOT fall in that trap, remind yourself that the "high" is momentary, use this phase to improve your self-control and remember that craving usually disappears within 5 seconds. Exercise, eat well, keep busy and meditate, you can always find a passion and invest in it, a healthy lifestyle leads to lowering the risk of substance abuse and addictive behavior, that's when you start resisting the temptation which will eventually fade away.

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