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Destigmatize Covid-19, we are all at risk

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A couple of days ago I received  a call from an old classmate, who by some bizarre coincidence got a hold of my contact information, we had a long phone call full of reminiscence of our youth, our memories together, our updates and our future plans. It goes without saying we ended the phone call with the promise that, once this CoronaVirus crisis ends, we will have a grand get together and try and reach out to our old "gang" and classmates, "well except for X because X was hospitalized early this month for CoronaVirus, but he's back home, thank God" she whispers as if she was telling me a shameful secret.
What a horrible feeling that was, not only because X caught Covid-19, nor that at some point during the call I was a 15 year old gossip girl again, but mostly because against my better judgment, for a second there, I was on board for not telling Mr. X because "he was hospitalized for CoronaVirus", and this got me thinking of the 3 Million cases infected all over the world and their families, stigmatized, shamed and blamed.
Studies show that people of Asian descent have been bullied everywhere in the world, and are being blamed for Covid-19, knowing that they, just like any other population, are carriers of the virus.
People returning to their countries during this Pandemic are being stigmatized, regardless if they're coming from high risk countries or not.
Health care workers, doctors and nurses working around the clock saving our lives! Those whose heroism we are uniting to applaud every other week, Stigmatized!
All these women and men are being bullied, labeled and feared, they are being excluded from social life and we are compromising their mental and physical health, out of our fear we are putting them in serious danger of verbal, emotional and even physical abuse.
According to the Mayo Clinic "stigmatized groups may often be deprived of the resources they need to care for themselves and their families during a Pandemic".
Most human beings by nature are curious, nosy and like gossiping, but when there's a Pandemic such as the Covid-19, gossiping, shaming and blaming should be off limits, we need to start speaking up if we hear or see inaccurate statements, stigmas are known to stick with a person their entire life!
This cannot be stressed enough, AWARENESS, get your facts straight from the official speakers about Covid-19 and spread them correctly, word for word, offer help to those stigmatized, listen and support them and last but not least, DO NOT be a hypocrite! Clapping for those fighting for our lives around the world is not enough, support them by at least knowing that they are responsible enough to protect us from Coronavirus, appreciate their sacrifices by simply trusting them.
During our phone call, while rewinding our memories I am now ashamed to say that we mentioned the popular, the fat, the good looking, the nerd, the rich and so on and so on, I for one am not willing to be talking about "the infected" a few years along the road.
Stay aware and morally correct.

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