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Learn about Covid-19's dangerous silent partner

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By the end of March 2020, most Arab countries enforced a lockdown one way or another to curb the spread of the CoronaVirus. Statistical studies in the Middle East showed a decreasing number of reported cases, which encouraged the governments to ease the lockdown procedure gradually in favor of boosting the economy. Exit strategies are being set according to several timeline phases, with warnings of a second wave of Covid-19 if restrictions are eased too early or too fast.
If up until today you have escaped contracting Covid-19, unfortunately you probably did not escape contracting its silent partner that the quarantine has enforced, SOLITUDE.

40+ days of quarantine and isolation, social distancing and rare contact with the outside world must have had some effect on us, how we made it sanely you ask? We are the quickest species on earth to cope and adapt. In fact that is how humans survived over decades whether it is a natural disaster, an economical crash, a pandemic or anything else we adapt, cope and find new dynamics to move on and luckily we do!
However, adapting and moving on as an entire species is one thing, but as individuals is a totally different thing! It does not come for free, there is a cost to pay and that cost in this situation would be the solitude due to the self-isolation. Governments are looking into reviving the economy whilst we have to be looking into reviving our souls!
The answer is really simple yet extremely complicated, the quarantine has made most of us feel lonely, and loneliness is one of the most normal feelings a human can experience, after a break-up for example, or something as simple as being excluded from a social gathering, but loneliness can become chronic, it causes us to be unable to connect with others and it is a major participant in many diseases and disorders like clinical depression, self-harm (SH), eating disorders and many more issues all related to mental health, but loneliness also appears to be associated to physiological diseases, life threatening ones, like cardiovascular diseases, an increased risk of strokes and high blood pressure, but if you think these are the higher dangers of loneliness you are greatly mistaken.
The tricky part is not loneliness in itself, at the end of this crisis if you are worried or experiencing any symptom you can always get yourself checked, but the greater danger of solitude is the risk of it becoming your comfort zone, where you have no obligations, no commitments, no requirements and no responsibilities, in your comfort zone you are your own boss and you answer to no one other than the boss! Beware of yourself not wanting to be in contact with others, partners, friends, coworkers or even loved ones, avoiding gatherings or even neighbors. This should be your red flag, you have not contracted Covid-19 but you have been contracted its silent partner.

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