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The before and after of Covid-19

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According to the United Nation's 2020 count, the world population is approximately 7.8 Billion.
7.8 BILLION! Can you even visualize this many humans?! Where each individual is absolutely UNIQUE, none of us share the same DNA, fingerprint, physique, character, morals, interactions, reactions, emotions and much more.
Yes we are unique as individuals, but we also have a lot in common, for us to survive, we need our vital organs to be intact just as well as our social order intact.
Over decades all sorts of systems have been set for humans to follow, political order, legal order, religious order, everything has been tailored according to the needs and obligations of every community, all the efforts resulted in us creating for ourselves some sort of a social order, from which resulted our manners in human interaction according to this unwritten, unspoken and undocumented social order we've set.
The CoronaVirus Pandemic has exposed exactly how fragile our systems are and how fragile we are, the uncertainty about our future has raised our fears and insecurities and is creating chaos, the wave of aggressive behavior worldwide ( is lead evidence of humans resisting change, but change in Covid-19's era is inevitable and hitting us hard.
What will change after this Pandemic is under control? How will humans react after getting their freedom back? What will social interaction look like after this isolation period?
I assume like every major change in society, there will be a transaction phase, where after an elongated lock-down there will be cautious release. Release some tension, call it "blowing off some steam" phase, life will be loud, noisy and overcrowded, human interaction will rely more on emotions than reasoning, because humans will think they are being more "true" to themselves which will automatically lower our social standards and manners will demote. Social order as we know it will become a forgotten order and will fade the "politically correct" behavior which will erase the labeling we've set to each other for a false sense of superiority. On the other hand, we will probably have a developed sense of appreciation for what CoronaVirus left of our "normal" life.
I am a big fan of the saying "change is always good" but time will only tell if I change sides and root for the other team?

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