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Did you read "The Little prince" - Le petit Prince?

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"Le Petit Prince", a 1943 French book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, translated to 382 languages, making it by 2017 the most translated published book in the world.

Despite the book being labeled as a children's book due to the drawings, the story and the style, "The Little Prince" is the perfect example of a book you can read at different stages of your life and still get a new lesson out of it. This book bring us back to the essence of values like friendship, love and selflessness. When a pilot who is stranded in the desert meets a little boy dressed like a prince asking him for the drawing of a sheep instead of a drink of water all he can do is obey... And all we can do is fall in love with this book time after time.
Highly recommended especially to adults who have forgotten how to remain children at heart.

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