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The psychology behind our need for "love in time of Corona"

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Several theories suggest the explanation of our longing for love, throughout our lives we search for a partner, some are lucky and find theirs and some keep on looking for their significant other, why is that? What is the drive behind what may seem an endless quest?
Basic psychology suggests that when we're born to be able to survive as toddlers as infants, we depend on others for all our needs except for breathing, as we grow up we learn to be sufficient to ourselves and our basic needs are not at risk anymore, but we are unable to fulfill the emotional gap alone, the need for belonging, for affection and for emotional support that grows with us as we become adults.
This Pandemic is forcing social distancing, and with it gradually comes emotional parting, we are social animals, we need the emotional interaction that comes with, that's where the panic settles and the sneaky neediness kicks in. Neediness in a partnership, if not met equally, is toxic.
For married couples, couples and those who have found their significant other, use this pandemic to learn and share with your partner, have yourself a "date night" either real, where you are both quarantined (obviously with a different setting) or virtual, with an online video call, and let it be special. Work your imagination.
For the lonely souls in this quarantined world, for the ones that have been waiting and dreaming big about that certain event that got cancelled, for those of you who had that awaited first date the next evening and Corona ruined it for you, for those who coughed during that one on one dinner and explained "the steak was too spicy!" just a night before the quarantine and now your dream boy/girl is ignoring your calls, for all the forcefully single, take advantage of this quarantine, this might be the best thing that ever happened to you! All the "single and ready to mingle" are online looking for their next virtual date! Stakes are high! Chances are looking much better for a match making app to work its magic and find you a partner, connect and find your significant other

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