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Don't let Covid-19 kill your motivation!

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So I woke up today to an AD email from one of the most known travel advice companies, asking me to "review my favorite places", how dare they?! We've been quarantined for a little over a month now and the last thing on my mind was reviewing places, but then again it unwillingly got me thinking about the places I have been to, back when I could when I was not part of a global Pandemic and a wave of nostalgia took over me when it suddenly hit me, I HAVE NO PLANS FOR THE NEAR FUTURE!

That's not quite fair! We all know that there will eventually be a solution to the Corona Virus Pandemic, it is already forcefully wasting our time, why do I not have anything ready for once it is actually over? Where did my motivation disappear? 😲
Yes Covid-19 has affected many aspects of our lives, yes this quarantine lowered our expectations and took away our comfort zones, yes it is slowly changing our core and yes the global lockdown has limited our freedom, but limitation of our hopes and dreams are not to be blamed on this invisible enemy, OUR motivation levels are under attack because of the uncertainty of tomorrow but WE are allowing this.
If you're thirsty, you will get up to get a glass of water, the word is DRIVE, thirstiness is your drive, it is behind your motivation to get that drink because you needed that water, so the idea is that you get a certain negative feeling and you act upon the purpose of soothing that negative emotion, BUT need is not always behind our drive, desires can also be behind the drive to get motivated.
I have been a "travel freak" my entire life, at the least I am someone that loves road trips, I love getting in a car and driving wherever the road leads to, getting lost and discovering new places is a passion to me and I am not letting this quarantine steal away my passion!
With the internet, the world is at your feet, anything you might think of you will find. Follow my lead... Set a near future goal for yourself, write it down, daydream about it, plan its logistics and visualize its details, commit to it and think about it daily, look for support by sharing your plan with someone you love and trust. GET EXCITED! IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN!
I owe the spam from this morning an apology, waking me up at 6 AM to ask me for my reviews was a cold shower that revived my drive so THANK YOU.

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