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Talking to our Kids About the Coronavirus: Dos & Don'ts

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The Covid-19 has taken the world by surprise and when humans face the unexpected mainly, their reaction also is unexpected and the only thing that up until now has saved humanity through wars, Pandemics, natural disasters and so on is us, the human race reacting upon fear, fear of death revives our sense of survival.
Governments all over the world have declared a state of emergency, whether it is called a "code red" blue or any other color, the lockdown is global and you can sense the urgency of the matter, the same state of emergency is within ourselves, we are a survival species, we fight back, we change and adapt so we would be able to survive no matter what comes our way, therefore our minds have declared a "code red" if not a multicolored one and although this state of emergency is what has preserved our human race since forever, it doesn't mean that it does not have its downsides.
We are being instructed on an hourly basis with all the information in the world on how to behave with this newly CoronaVirus to protect ourselves and our children, not to get infected but what they're not telling us are the repercussions of our newly changed routine around our children.
A child is taught by observation, a child is educated by observation, our children absorb our emotions, if you are anxious your child is anxious, the only difference is that you know the source and answers to your anxiety, meanwhile your child is nourishing within himself a field of fear and anxiety that might just ruin his adulthood.
Are we unknowingly raising an entire generation of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)? In my opinion the answer is unfortunately YES, for GAD is a "chronic state of severe worry and tension, often without provocation", sounds a lot like what is going through our children's minds, they are worried, just like mommy and daddy, but they have no answers to why they're worried nor to why their parents are as well.
Now this is what I would call a psychological disaster in the future, in some cases GAD becomes so acute that it develops "side disorders", like social phobia and depression for example, but the good news is that this is preventable with very few and easy steps.
  1. Talk to your children, explain to them what is going on in the world and how we are fighting back and the best part is that they are amongst the fighters, if a child feels reinforced by his parents he will become fearless as an adult.
  2. Open up and express your fear, tell them that you are in fact nervous JUST LIKE THEY ARE. Allow your child to express his worries.
  3. Protect your children but do NOT over protect them, don't let your worries make you exaggerate, if a child is quarantined at home with his parents, don't crack his skin by bathing him millions of times, it hurts.
  4. Stay reasonable. Please evaluate and reevaluate your actions and reactions around your children.

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