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What social distancing is doing to our elderly during the Covid-19 pandemic

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We have been smart enough over decades, us the Arab population, to hold on to our family ties no matter how fast our lives have become, prior to Covid-19 pandemic, our daily routine was crazy fast, but one thing was a must, a family reunion at least once a month, a gathering over lunch, dinner or even an afternoon coffee was sacred to us, all odds against us, we replaced it with phone calls. Nothing can stand in the way of our traditions.
I think of all the newly introduced to motherhood, barely listening to doctor's orders, because we know we can count on our mothers, mother-in-law's, grandparents, older generations to teach us how to give our baby his/her 1st shower, we know we can count on our elderly to show us how to test the baby's temperature and how to soothe the pain of a 1st set of teeth.
They say with learning comes knowledge, but with age comes wisdom, our elderly are our reference, especially with the family ties we've held on to for so long. Imagine the emotional distress that would hit an Arab family if a mother declares her will to sign her baby up for daycare when she goes back to work!😱
For all of the above and in honor of my grandparent's memory, I urge you to be more careful around our elderly, time for inter-generational solidarity!
CoronaVirus has made it impossible for the seniors of the world to maintain low stress levels, loneliness, anxiety and depression automatically weaken their immune system which would put them at higher risk of getting infected AND dying. Studies in the United States show 8 out of 10 deaths are of 65 year olds and above, yes physical distancing is now the only prevention mode of survival for our beloved elderly BUT social distancing might kill them faster! It is our responsibility to preserve their mental health just as much as their physiological health, isolation is only physical and it does not apply to our ties. Pick up the phone and call your grandparents, your parents, your neighbors, check on them, tell them about your day, ask about theirs, encourage them, spread some positivity, refresh their memory with souvenirs you shared back when life was "normal", listen to their worries and comfort them, use today's technology to monitor their well-being, their needs and their health. Many of the moments we shared with them were taken for granted and today we should appreciate them more because, truth be told, Covid-19 has put our "beloved reference" at a higher risk but that does not mean they should be left to their fate.

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