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When the Pentagon releases footage of UFO just like a Hollywood movie

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Footage of a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) has been circulating the internet for the past couple of days, this is not the first time, for ages people have been investigating and following leads to prove the existence of life outside our planet. Some enthusiasts swear by their lives to have witnessed UFO activity and others go further with stories of human abduction and direct contact with aliens.
This time it seems as though it is a bit different, since the footage was released by the Pentagon, does it mean that this is proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life?
To be fair when I stumbled upon the videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO_M0hLlJ-Q I got curious and started researching some facts, and here's what I found, to my surprise I found cloudy information about the Pentagon having a 5 year program investigating unidentified phenomena activity! I also found that the videos were public information once they were published in 2017 & 2018 by a private company called " To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science ", they were filmed by Navy pilots late 2004 and early 2015 over the Pacific and off the East Coast and you can even listen to the pilots confusion during the footage, the Pentagon released the footage to clear up any misconception about the short movie's authenticity and confirmed the videos are real, nonetheless, at no point (at least in my research) does an official statement emerge of a sighting of "visitors", the Pentagon simply describes the footage and goes further saying there is no revelation of "any incursions by unidentified aerial phenomena".
The videos themselves seem like the beginning of a big production Hollywood movie, like "Area 51" or "Alien Abduction" and this might be related to my personal trauma, watching Sandra Bullock in "Bird Box" 2 days before the COVID-19 Pandemic was officially announced, or the uncanny resemblance between what we are going through in this CoronaVirus crisis and the events in "Contagion" where doctors rush to fight a deadly virus that attacks the respiratory system first identified in China and originated from a bat! Or that the most famous cynical series in history "The Simpsons" predicts a certain president Trump in 2000, not to mention the animation movie "WALL_E" that goes hand in hand with the progress in V.R (Virtual Reality), the self-healing robots and the popular "drivable chairs".
Dear Pentagon, they say "curiosity killed the cat", if movies are predicting our future, please let the U.F.O.s be, they are not hurting anyone wandering our space, we already have enough on our plate, just look the other way next time you encounter any Unidentified Flying Object, we are not interested in living an "AREA 51" scenario right now and we might be happier without an alien invasion!
Thank you.

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