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When Superstitions are your enemy during the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Browsing the internet late last night, starting with CoronaVirus latest numbers ending up on YouTube viewing a video of an old Chinese man holding a surgical face mask and stroking it while chanting. Excuse my very poor Mandarin, but the explanation didn't seem very hard, the so called fortune teller was transmitting "extra power" to the face mask with the chants and the stroking so it would protect his clients who were standing in line, from the vicious Covid-19 infection.
The video got me curious, and I started an online hunt for all the "paranormal activities" practiced around the world against this Pandemic, and what I am about to reveal will blow your mind.
Apparently, drinking a cow's urine is a thing! Against all official's recommendations, some communities swear by its effectiveness not only in fighting Covid-19 infection but also in treating cancer and other life threatening diseases.
Reports of some late night gatherings on porches are becoming more and more frequent and when investigated, authorities discovered rumors floating around certain neighborhoods that sleeping during the pandemic would turn you into stone! It took awareness sessions from a medical team to convince these neighborhoods of the unscientific nature of these rumors.
Some populations are spreading spices and herbs to keep the CoronaVirus away from their homes, lighting candles and performing personalized rituals in their community with strong beliefs in the effectiveness of these powers by calling the protection of the "Gods".
Many of these scenes, threw me back to when I would come home from school on a rainy afternoon and my mother's first concern would be for me not to enter the house with an open umbrella, GOD FORBID, it would mean I am bringing misfortune into our home, or back when my grandmother's almost perfect cooking skills, were credited to the pinch of salt she would throw off her left, NOT RIGHT, but only her left shoulder, or to her humming the designated melody over a well puffed dough, I grew up thinking black cats are pure evil and what a disaster will come upon us passing under a ladder, or a 7 years curse if I accidentally brake a mirror.
Superstitions, rituals and habits come from our need to feel secure in a chaotic world, they bring us comfort if we believe they are able to protect us from a mysterious unknown harm.
Science has proved the effectiveness of these rituals, despite our knowing-better, because they lower our anxiety levels, BUT they can become super harmful if we believe they can protect us against such a lethal Pandemic.

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