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Who among us is the most at risk during CoronaVirus Pandemic

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By now, most of us are aware of the repercussions CoronaVirus has on us, because of all the campaigns and the clubbing whether we're watching TV, watching the news, browsing the internet or active on social media, by now we all know what are the measures that we need to take to protect ourselves from this vicious virus spreading around the world, we are also getting proper information (most of the time) psychologically speaking, pointers to preserve our mental health, to prevent underlying major disorders popping up during the quarantine, but because the risk is there no matter what circumstances we're going through and because many of us were previously diagnosed and because mental illness is just like any other illness, we need to be very aware of the current situation and of the higher risk on some than others.
Before the warnings I must admit that there are some disparities in the classification of mental disorders as a sequence to many perspectives in the field, the names and details may vary but the ground is one, I also must confess that I am not a big fan of medication use, in particular psychotropic drugs, those that are capable of affecting the mind, emotions and behavior, but I do admit to the wonders they work when used properly according to doctor's orders and not because our next door neighbor seems happier or calmer consuming them! We have a very dangerous tendency of self-medicating and abusing!
The stress is becoming intolerable, for the entire world, obviously some of us are adjusting better than others but the quarantine, the lockdown, the fear for ourselves and our loved ones getting infected are becoming harder to handle by the hour, those are the direct reasons behind our mental health being threatened during this Pandemic and we are ALL at risk for an outbreak of mood disorders, like bipolarity or major depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders and substance abuse disorders. I urge you all to be very conscious about your mental health, keep a close eye on yourself, you have a responsibility towards yourself mentally as much as physically, protect your body from Corona AND your mind, if you suffer of a sudden nervous breakdown DO NOT SELF-MEDICATE, consult your doctor immediately and for the lucky previously diagnosed, don't give up just now, commit to your treatment, you have better chances at passing through this phase healthier than the rest of us!
Keep pushing through, it's going to pass😉

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