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? Would the placebo effect and the power of your mind help in curing CoronaVirus

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As a kid, I still remember my humongous Russian great grandfather asking for "borscht" whenever he had the flu, which is a beetroot and beef based stew or soup that smelled like health in itself! One day later he would be in the garden looking out for his "beloved" growing, he taught us all to "listen to your body it will tell you what's wrong and how to fix it".
The Covid-19 pandemic refreshed my childhood memories when I caught myself focused and analyzing every actual pain or illusion of an ache and pain in my body, so are millions of others all over the world. Talk about hypochondria!  https://www.vitapsy.org/2020/03/beware-of-your-brain-tricking-you-into.html
Originally the placebo is a type of treatment used in a medical study versus a real treatment so researchers would be able to classify the positive and negative effects of the treatment with it's side effects, so basically the placebo is given to a group of participant patients without them knowing that they are given a false "empty" treatment, with no active ingredients whatsoever. You can think of it as the dirty little secret of a research. The so called treatment may consist of a pill, a shot or any other type of fake procedure that to science's surprise may actually have an effect on patients!
Here's how the mechanism works, several people with the same illness, say diabetes for example, sign up for a study of a new medication. The participants are divided into two major groups. Group A is given the new "real" pill to try, while group B is given the exact same looking pill but with ZERO pharmaceutical substance, a "fake pill" called Placebo, this is followed by the clinical exams, the questionnaires, the tests and the overall evaluation.
Group A will have a response to the treatment obviously, but how come group B also has a response? It's the Placebo Effect, it's the power of the mind over the body and here's how it works: once a patient is convinced that he is consuming an appropriate treatment his mind is boosting his immune system, for example lowering his cortisol hormone level due to stressing over the disease, breaking this vicious cycle that was feeding the illness in the first place! Think of the placebo effect as the newly set traffic light on a chaotic crazy roundabout, every car is back in its place and the system is back on track!
This is how powerful our mind is and its connection with our bodies, the illusion of a remedy heals, just as the illusion of an illness might attack us body and mind.

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