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CoronaVirus isn't coming cheap on our wallets

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Spend spend spend! Every email, every website, every mass messaging, is telling us to spend our money on non-essential items. Have you noticed the huge amount of spam emails, texts or pop-up ads you're getting from online shopping platforms? And they're getting smarter by the second, they are becoming more and more appealing to us to open our digital wallets and start an online shopping spree! Marketing plans are evolving to stimulate our love of possession. In my humble opinion, Covid-19 is responsible for a newly wave of online shopaholism.
Let's get one thing straight, online shopping is a life savior in these harsh times, not only because it is decreasing the risk of contracting Covid-19 with its "no contact" policy in its delivery services, nor because it's reducing our shopping trips to get our essentials, but also because it's a major player in the world's economy's "slowed down" wheel, and aside from being an essential factor in the economy, it is also a good, practical and quick way to blow off some steam.
It only becomes dangerous once we start observing some resemblance with a serious obsessive-compulsive disorder like Oniomania. Recent studies show that Oniomania, more commonly known as shopaholism, is becoming a serious disorder in our society. It is the compulsive desire to shop regardless of one's needs or means. It also shows that online shopping opened the market for men, as much as women, to develop Oniomania, which priorly was a disorder 90% more popular within a women demographic.
Just like any other addiction, the main mechanism is the impulse for instant reward, but the main issue with shopaholism is that it can sneak undiscovered in our communities, you can be a shopaholic without anyone noticing until things spin out of control, and your "plastic digital wallet" is maximized and suddenly, you're in debt.
Behind a shopaholic's overspending behavior is stress, anger and anxiety. It is a fact that each one of us reacts to stressful situations differently, but when the "solution" is delivered right to your doorstep with self-made excuses, it becomes easier to get on board. However, having a shopping "overdose" will only leave you feeling guilty, worried, disappointed and filled with self-loathing once the high becomes a low, that's when the vicious cycle hits... Anxiety, Shopping, Anxiety, Repeat.
It is no secret to anyone, today's world is a dangerous place. The fear, uncertainty and anxiety we are all currently experiencing because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, with some enhancing factors like the lockdown and the quarantine also the HIGHLY demanded social distancing, are all major encouragements for online compulsive purchasing, and online shops are certainly using CoronaVirus to promote and expand, profiting off our NEED to feel better.
Adyashanti, the spiritual teacher once wrote:
When we make a purchase and/or get what we want, we are temporarily happy and fulfilled. But the reason for happiness is not because we got what we wanted, but because for a brief period of time, we stopped wanting, and thus we experience peace and happiness.
Always remember that this fifth, 80% off, just a click away, swimwear and the new 5 in 1 drill, aren't going to make you feel any better any time soon. The problem is a Pandemic and to my knowledge, the answer is not the "quarantine must have" cushions, nor the "shop till you drop" decorative stone collection. Stay aware, if possible, indulge yourself from time to time, enjoy it but keep things under control and stay mentally healthy.

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