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Dealing with lockdown boredom

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With all the stay@home campaigns, advice if not orders, and the cancellation of all outdoor activities, plans and events, even the online home schooling instead of the "activity" of attending classes, and postponing of all sports events we used to watch if not participate in, naturally, sheltering in place is causing confusion to all of us, our new lifestyle is unusual and frustrating to the social animals we are, the impact of social distancing, lockdown and quarantine, aiming to flatten the curve of Covid-19, is backfiring with boredom in these unprecedented times.
Today, being quarantined, I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones that rarely get bored. Growing up in a household where boredom was not an option, my mother's creativity and full attention made my childhood a hyperactive one, although I do remember cousins and friends complaining of boredom, I was never able to wrap my head around it and understand the reason that causes this unpleasant feeling, up until my later teenage years, when I had the audacity of starting my rebellion period and learned the hard way what boredom was all about. 😊
Boredom has invaded our everyday life, but although it has its fair share of bad rep, it also has an exciting side that rare are those to understand and invest in.
Aside from all the mental health issues we are being warned about and how to deal with them during this Covid-19 Pandemic, another Pandemic is waving from far, boredom, which is in fact a common feeling of disinterest in an activity or an unsatisfactory feeling after having a certain amount of energy and nowhere to direct it. Studies suggest that boredom also occurs when we are unable to engage our attention to our feelings and thoughts, and that we would better look at boredom as an opportunity to invest in our desires and aspirations. Easier said than done, but here are some strategies to deal with boredom while quarantined:
  •  A change of perspective, instead of doing the same thing over and over again, think of it as becoming a master in your chore, you are becoming more skilled at what you are doing and you can look forward to the end result.
  • Use boredom as a motivational skill, being bored is not all that bad when you allow it to push you to start what you have been procrastinating for ages, or even setting future goals.
  • When we're busy we don't have the time to catch up on what's important, boredom is a chance for you to check out ways you can invest in yourself and your career's growth.
  • For more practical solutions, pull out those dusty board games, everyone has a little competitive freak inside of them. SET THEM FREE.
  • Why not clean the attic, you've been putting it off for years now.
  • Look up an app to teach yourself meditation and mindfulness.
  • Go through your photos, you cannot imagine how therapeutic nostalgia can be.
  • Teach yourself new skills and crafts, YouTube gives us access to millions of DIY (do-it-yourself) videos.

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