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Dealing with positive energy vampires spreading like Covid-19

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There's a saying that goes "negative people have a problem for every solution" think about that for a second, reflect on it! Can you relate? Are you surrounded by negative people? Are you a negative person? If so, then you have a problem.

The Covid-19 Pandemic is turning us into negative people, because our ability to adapt fast is faced by our overworked coping skills and the uncertainty of our future, yes we are mentally processing fast, nevertheless we are a bit behind when it comes to our inner life, our emotions. That is what is causing all the negativity around us.
In an ideal world, there would be a pact for all of us to sign, stating our commitment to better the quality of our inner lives, it's all about perception and the way we emotionally react to our problems that makes all the difference. Outside the ideal world, I personally dream of and long for, I believe we have a responsibility not only to stop the Covid-19 spread but also the gloominess Pandemic going around without the "signed pact" but simply with some awareness and simple tricks to fight back.
Can you imagine living in a gloomy world once we are freed from the Pandemic? Did you know that constant whining and nagging is contagious? Did you know that you probably can contract negativity faster than you can contract the newly CoronaVirus?  Did you know that when you are surrounded with negative people you are drained emotionally and you feel exhausted without knowing the reason? Negative people have a common hobby, they enjoy bringing you down with them, it soothes them knowing they are not alone in their comforting "black hole" they are "positivity vampires"! Even worse, they think they are doing you a favor, they might even call it "being realistic".
So what do you do when faced with a negative emotional ball of a person? Here are some simple tricks that protect you from contracting the "long face virus" and might help the ones you might love despite their constant negativity.
Start by offering a compassionate ear, a compassionate ear might help a negative person to ease up a little, but it will undeniably help you understand the source of the negativity and understanding is always a handy way to deal with things.
Listening to negative people gives you the power of differentiating between those who are stating negative facts, seeking out solutions and those who constantly complain without doing anything about it. It also gives you power to take charge of the conversation, by using the Socratic questioning technique, keep asking questions until the person starts gaining a more positive outlook, and if this is not the case, HOLD YOUR TONGUE, negative people tend to manipulate you by trying to hit your buttons, they might casually mention something that they know will cause you intense feelings, DO NOT engage in an emotional back and forth, keep it objective and unemotional, that way you disarm them into sucking you into their toxic world. Take a step back and give yourself a break, set boundaries to protect yourself and keep the emotional distance you need to clear your head.
Keep your expectations realistic, negative people tend to overwhelm your daily life with their stories but never return the favor, they only listen to respond, do not try to convince them with your positive perception, it will only empower their minds to convince you otherwise, but you can always try and rephrase using less dramatic terms, if they are not listening, this will at least shield you from their toxicity.
Always remember, this is not your fault, do you feel guilty and bend over your spine to help them? If your answer is yes, please reevaluate your life choices, are you surrounding yourself by negative people because you have a need to solve problems and therefore feel needed? Be more selective when it comes to your entourage.
Last but not least, if ALL of the above don't work. RUN 😂

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