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! DEAR Covid -19, letter to a deadly Virus

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"We need to talk", the 4 most dreadful words for any of us to hear, even worse to read, they are the announcement of the END.
Dear CoronaVirus,
"It's not you, it's me! I need some space and I am not ready for a lifelong commitment".
Most of us have experienced the horror of these 5 cheesy breakup lines, and we react to them in either a realistic perception or a pessimistic one, where we hear them as a direct accusation of our persona which in some cases can be devastating, considering the "accusations" came from what we thought was our significant other, or in a more optimistic perception and take the breakup lame excuse just as it is, so at the end of the day, it is actually not me!
Instead of waking up early morning, thinking about just anything, I find myself thinking numbers. How many have contracted Covid-19? How many deaths did it cause up until this morning? How long have we been confined? How long will it take to get back to our normal lives? We are trapped in an abusive destructive relationship with Covid-19 in some sort of a Drama Triangle!
Now don't get me wrong, over the years the term DRAMA has been stained with a pejorative connotation, nevertheless the expression "Drama Triangle" implicates a model of human interaction, it is a model of a relation between an oppressor, a victim and a rescuer.
In our case, Covid-19 is the persecutor, the one in control, the angry, the rigid and unfortunately but periodically, the stronger and the superior. We, humans of the world, are the victim, we are helpless, oppressed, we feel victimized and we seem unable to solve the problem and therefore we seem hopeless. As victims, we seek out rescuers, and here rescuers are the awaited vaccines with all the medical researchers, doctors, nurses and scientists working non-stop to rescue the human race.
Now, in Kapman's Drama Triangle, some sort of a toxic relationship grows between a victim and a rescuer, because the victim becomes dependent on the rescuer who is simultaneously driven by guilt, and is unwillingly validating the failure of the victim. But then again, in this case, I can only perceive this Drama triangle we are trapped in with the CoronaVirus as a win-win situation!
Listen up Covid-19, it may seem now that we are the victims, that you are in a better position but NO  "YA HABIBI" we are the human race! You are not our significant other, there is no lifelong commitment here! Don't get too cocky, others before you got all arrogant and pretentious, just ask the plague and the Spanish flu, that is IF you can still find them.

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