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Little Women: A MUST Read

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Little Women, a semi-autobiographical novel by Louisa May Alcott published in 1869, which follows the lives of 4 sisters through their life's journey.

I read "Little Women" at a very young age, and to be honest I found it boring almost never-ending. I was not very interested to read about Jo's rebellious character, and Amy's tactical thinking, nor Meg's dreamy and romantic personality or about the quiet Beth. But because I am one to always finish a book expecting a pleasant surprise, I finished "Little Women".

The pleasant surprise came in years later, in my mid-twenties, when I was able to emotionally understand the depth of the story, and relate to the characters differently.
Although the name might suggest it, "Little Women" is not a women only book, on the contrary it is a novel that reflects our inner most profound thoughts, desires and emotions as human beings.
"Little Women" is one of those books, one that grows with your own journey, one that opens your eyes to the details you missed in your own story. It is a book about compromise, sacrifice, disappointments in the name of love in all its forms.
A must read for emotional growth.

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