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Managing our quarantined love life

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In a time where most of us are working from home, spending most of our time together, frictions are bound to happen. Jokes all over social media are emerging where one tells another his/her "breathing" is getting annoying, yes we smile at the jokes but we also might secretly identify.
According to ABC news, the rise of divorce filings is expected after the CoronaVirus confinement is over, in a sense where millions of couples around the world are mismanaging their couple's healthy dynamic during these awful times, instead of using the time to work on a better result for their future lives together.
Granted, some couples have come to term with their dysfunctional relationship, after being faced with their mortality, especially with the rise in domestic abuse cases, and they want to "change their lives" into a healthier and more satisfying one which is much encouraged! But when it comes to "normal" couples with the regular quarrels, fights and disagreements, they are unaware of the reactive regression they are having, and not weighing it properly. If you have a load on your back and you drop it as a regressive reaction, it might not be the right decision, and you might not be aware, for the time being, of the consequences of your subtle decision. Regression is a defense mechanism we use when times are stressful, and what better timing than these times. It is when we revert mentally and emotionally to an earlier stage of life, back when we had no responsibilities weighing on us.
The best strategies to overcome the heat, and a better conflict management, start by a better communication. Divide the chores, give each other some space, set your boundaries, work out an agreement for sexual intercourse, and don't forget about sex! It is a good stress relief and a tool to reconnect and revive intimacy, respect your partner's needs and desires, sex can be like food in times of crisis, some people might eat whatever is in sight and others can fast for days, libido can be tricky when you want to put it into action, it is never equal between partners. Libido is the sexual drive, the desire for sexual activities, that might have been bruised during this lockdown, maybe you are feeling unattractive, tired and blue but the good news is that libido can be boosted with very simple tricks, getting some good-quality sleep, eating a nutritious diet, getting regular exercise, trying out herbal remedies after consulting with your doctor, like maca, tribulub, ginkgo and ginseng and last but not least, people FOCUS ON FOREPLAY.
According to Marty Klein, a marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist, an overwhelming question is rising among couples in long-term committed relationships during the Covid-19 situation, "Is this the person with whom I want to face the end of the world with?", but the REAL question is, if we decide to "drop" our, what may seem like, annoying partner will the stress be over? Will we be able to live a carefree life? Is this what we are looking for or is this just a reactive phase? And the answer is really simple, it is highly NOT recommendable to make life-changing decisions in a time of uncertainty like this one.


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