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Possible scenarios for Covid-19's END

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A friend of mine always says "everything has an expiry date", which usually ticks me off and somewhat insults and threatens my belief in lifelong friendships, family bonds and overall relationships, me being the helpless romantic I am. Today, I feel a little bit different about his motto as I await the day the CoronaVirus will finally expire.
The impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic is ramified, all aspects of our lives are affected, and all aspects have contracted the side effects of the Pandemic, whether we are talking politics, economy, social norms or mental health. The Pandemic has taken its toll on us all, the stress of not knowing what's coming next is causing us to behave and react differently to our usual selves, and I believe we are fed up and reaching our limits, increased suicide rates, depression, and anxiety disorders amongst other serious mental health complications are being reported worldwide. This Pandemic is eventually due to END!
Truth be told, the uncertainty surrounding a previously known virus that has mutated is somehow suspicious. Like it or not, our brain is starting to tell us that some things aren't adding up, it might be because we are made into believing in the conspiracy theory, in which some of us go all the way, while others hold their ground and stick to the official facts, or because the controversy began the minute studies around the world were not equivalent, or even simply because we are desperate for an elucidation, a solution a WAY OUT.

Several scenarios have been circulating the medical field about the End of Covid-19, some optimistic while others more unfortunate.
  • Let's talk containment, not long ago, back in December 2019, Covid-19 was still an Epidemic (affecting a large number of people within a community, a population or a region). Containment was still an option for its end, but unfortunately it quickly turned into a Pandemic and spread like fire across continents. Unfortunately, the containment can only be a local scenario and not a worldwide scenario.
  • Let's talk taper off, Joshua Epstein, epidemiologist of New York University, claims the Covid-19 virus can be just like other viruses among the "CoronaVirus family" and slowly fade away when the weather gets warmer and/or when there isn't enough susceptible people to infect and keep the contraction chain going.
  • Let's talk seasonal endemic, according to scientists and epidemiologists, it is highly probable that Covid-19 settle down into a seasonal respiratory illness, just like the seasonal influenza.
  • Let's talk vaccines and effective treatments, international laboratories are racing against time to develop the proper vaccine. Billions of dollars are now invested in the search for a vaccine and for a proper treatment, not only for the human race's best interest but in all honesty, this will be the largest bargain in history.
  • Let's talk immunity, our immune system is fortified, and the army of blood cells we have recognize and can finally fight back to defeat Covid-19.
  • Let's talk mutation, if Covid-19 is a novel CoronaVirus by mutation, who's to say that it won't mutate again and lose its ability to infect humans.
  • Let's talk miracles, we wake up one morning, Covid-19 does not exist anymore and has no repercussions on us humans, on our world. As if it never existed, and was just like a long vivid nightmare.
Keep your hopes up, and in this case remember that "everything has an expiry date".

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