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STOP Covid-19 from causing a herd social anxiety

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If health sectors are starting to suggest herd immunity for the novel CoronaVirus causing Covid-19, then mental health sectors should start planning immunity strategies for herd social anxiety.
Truth be told, Covid-19's psychological impact is yet unclear, but one thing is for sure, Covid-19 will cause social anxiety of some sort, and different degrees worldwide, not only because of the environmental influences, and stressful life events, but also because of new "no contact" habits we are adjusting to.
Someone with a social anxiety disorder is often mistaken for a shy person, and although social anxiety was first described in early 400 B.C. as "shyness", studies show that social phobia can cause shyness, an acute form of shyness to be more accurate, but not the other way around. It causes a socially anxious person to have trouble talking to strangers, to speak in public, the inability to be part of large gatherings, making eye contact while speaking to others, starting a conversation, attending classes and going to work, even eating in front of other people or using restrooms, amongst other more serious binding behavior.
People with social anxiety can have what is very similar to a panic attack once they are in a social situation, the rapid heartbeat, sweaty hands, muscle tension, a person might feel dizzy and/or lightheaded, fast and shallow breathing, even some digestive trouble like diarrhea or stomach ache.
The struggle is real and as you may notice, it is all about being in contact with "the other".
The social distancing world we are living in, the self-isolation and the no contact orders we are bound to apply today, are causing a sight of a shy generation in the horizon, because of loss of contact in our everyday life. In case you start having a specific functional response in an organ to a social stimulus, know that this is your body setting off its alarm, because of the lack of contact deficiency, and may be a kick start to a phobia you can avoid by applying these simple techniques functional people diagnosed with social anxiety disorder do every day.
  • Control your breathing by inhaling through your nose for 4 seconds and exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds.
  • Practice progressive muscle relaxation by contracting groups of muscles for 5 seconds, and focusing on the feeling while releasing them slowly.
  • Our 5 senses are taken for granted, in stressful situations use your five senses to calm down, focus on your sight by looking around for details, focus on the smells and sounds surrounding you, try touching things and feeling their textures and look for something to taste.

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