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Summer clothes don't fit anymore? Blame it on Covid-19!

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Whilst some are using the quarantine and the lockdown to achieve THEIR personal goals, like going on healthier diets and exercising more, which needed free time and personal effort, others fell into a hidden trap.
We proudly told ourselves we are becoming pastry chefs and gourmet food specialists, but trying on last year's summer clothes stuck on our hips, is a "gourmet" slap in the face. We fell into a hidden trap and maybe gained a pound or two.
So the seasonal rituals are here with the arrival of summer, we start packing away our, mostly oversized, winter clothes, and take out the cute outfits we bought last summer, try them on to pick the "keepers" from the "goers". Well, no need to inform you all, in my case, this year the "goers" were a much bigger batch than the keepers!🙎
If you are currently sharing my misfortune, listen-up, I have the solution.
The problem is not about developing and working on your cooking skills, on the contrary, self-improvement is highly recommended in these tough times we're living in, but self-control is also highly recommended!
Dear weight-loss preachers, now don't tell me that the success of a rising soufflé in the oven, or a perfect homemade strawberry ice-cream made from scratch isn't temptation enough for you to take a bite or two, enjoying your final product prize! That would be a CRIME to humanity!
However, I must admit that when an entire wardrobe has shrunken a size or two, there is a problem to address.
We are not talking eating disorders, we are simply talking emotional eating, and although it might seem simple comparing to a disorder, emotional eating is in fact a serious problem with people who struggle with their weight, I am one to know, and I will share my journey with you in hopes that it might help some. I had weight issues all through my adolescence, Yo-Yo dieting and weight cycling, until the day I figured what the problem was. The problem was never the food in itself, but it was the intense emotions that triggered me into eating, mistakenly thinking I was physically hungry when in fact I was only emotionally hungry.
If you're wondering, yes emotional hunger is a term, eating your emotions is also a term, as much as feeding your void is also a term.

Be aware that each one of us, emotional eaters, have their own "set" of comfort food, know that most of the times the food of your choice is related and symbolizes an emotional event and/or person. For me, my comfort food was related to some childhood memories that I shared with a lost loved-one, and every time I missed or needed that person, I unreasonably craved the food. After a while, I became conditioned just like Pavlov's theory, whenever I had intense emotions, I had an intense hunger counterattack. That was the revelation of a lifetime and this is how I lost the extra weight, very slowly, reminding myself that my comfort food isn't bringing any real comfort nor the person in question, on the contrary, it was only triggering feelings of powerlessness and shame, and I was never full or satisfied, because emotional eating isn't located in our stomach, the emptiness, the void and the insecurity stuck were always there.
The quest of figuring out how your choice of comfort food is related to your emotions might be a painful quest but it certainly isn't a harmful one.
There is no need to point out that during the CoronaVirus Pandemic, times are stressful to all of us so here are some simple tricks that might help:
  • If possible, adopt a pet.
  • Give yourself some time-out, a break from a hectic life, sleep better, exercise and meditate.
  • When a craving hits, give yourself a couple of minutes before you cave in.
  • Think about how you're feeling, allow yourself to feel sadness, anger, guilt, resentment and disappointment.
  • Once you start eating, stop anything else you're doing (Television, Web browsing, book reading...)
  • Indulge in the taste, think about what you're eating, imagine how it was made, and enjoy it.

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