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The rise of trust issues during the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the simplest things in our lives have changed. Our daily routine isn't a routine anymore, and we are creating new habits and social manners to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the CoronaVirus in ways that were unimaginable to us in prior times.
In the business world, even in a world with such an acute financial crisis, competition is still the main concern. The forced lockdown and the quarantine made us creative, as a human race we evolved one step further in order to fulfill our needs we created functional forms for a more practical daily life.
Whilst some business's numbers are retracting others are booming, those that attain to our requirements, like the delivery services for grocery shopping for example, I for one, being one of the choosy customers that like picking their own products, and that used to have a smug smile on my face for choosing the reddest apples and the freshest lettuce, never thought the day would come where I would call and order my favorite cereal brand, or "add to cart" the parsley I wanted for the ultimate "Tabbouleh" bowl.
Having your groceries delivered to your doorstep may sound easy, but not when they are delivered in a time where Covid-19 is rising our self-preservation awareness which is causing fear and panic throughout the world's population, competitive business plans are announcing sanitizing and disinfecting upon delivery but we are becoming more and more cautious dealing with "the other" and suspicions are escalating fast.
We are becoming a population of doubt, doubtful of the other's good intention, we place our order because the marketing plan is about disinfected products then we sanitize them again on our doorstep before getting them into our households. The relation between fear and trust is an intimate one, it's a causality that quickly turns into a perfect loop but a toxic one.
"Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me", we learn from past experiences to keep our guards up, the problem begins once our guarded self turns into some level of paranoia and we start believing that everyone is out to hurt us, that's when we might develop a condition called "Pistanthrophobia". Imagine a world where doubt reigns all, this is where we lose the core of humanity. We build all our relations based on the belief of other's integrity, if we lose this we will lose it all and Covid-19 is not to be blamed! The self-preservation practices ARE A MUST, but the trust issues we are developing are poisonous and we should work through them.
We don't have the power of prediction, and therefore cannot predict that others may harm us unintentionally or on purpose, and we certainly cannot live in fear, so we have to start by letting go some of what may seem like control, human beings are resilient, take baby steps to become more trusting by the day, a baby step is an achievement nowadays. If you do not let go of your doubts you will unwillingly sabotage all your relations.
Don't let Covidophobia (a freshly entered term in the "Urban Dictionary" indicating an extreme fear of contracting or transmitting Covid-19) turn "us" into potential enemies.

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