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The urges behind hording in a Covid-19 crisis

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When it comes to clutter, there are two extremes, those who are mentally and physically incapable to let go of a broken piece of plastic "this stuff will be useful someday" they secretly tell themselves, and those in the other extreme that are unable to find anything in their households because they threw it out the second day after they bought it, they shame themselves such as "this is useless why do I buy these things?". The rest are what's in between.
To be perfectly honest I am counted as one of the "lost and never found" team behavior, I have a tendency to clear the space by giving out my stuff, I have learned over the years to control this urge, but still sometimes I let myself go, enjoy the feeling, but regretting it later on.😊
The Covid-19 Pandemic is bound to bring some basic changes in our dynamics, in our behavior and in our interactions, but the changes are hitting at speed-light and one of the most observable changes in human behavior, one that any untrained eye can see, is hoarding.
"Hoarding behaviors range from the normal, like buying and saving items we don't need, to the clinically diagnosable, like having areas of your home that are not usable because of the clutter". Hoarding in a time of crisis is natural, it is a normal reaction to human beings, our orbitofrontal cortex is hyperactive, the region responsible to organize goals and motivations, to satisfy needs and desires, and this is exactly what is happening during this Pandemic. People are waiting in line at grocery shops, we are piling unnecessary supplies and stocking them in our homes, this makes us feel safer and less stressed, the problem is that this sense of relief is short-termed which leads into a cycle of more hoarding behaviors and can cause you a long term psychological hoarding disorder, and on the other hand, one person's over-acquiring leads to another person's shortage, therefore some stores are restricting the customers buying in bulk due to their shelves being wiped clean by us.
Studies show that we share hoarding behavior with some animals like woodpeckers, kangaroos rats, squirrels and hamsters, they also show that hoarding animals increase their hoarding behaviors and change regularly the location of their pile when a "neighbor animal" steals from their pile (i.e a hamster hoarding all its seeds in their pouches), symptoms of paranoia and anxiety start showing like a sleepless animal and an "edgy" one. This would probably be the result of a loop hoarding behavior to us humans too!
In order to prevent the maleficence of hoarding you only have 1 practical solution. A LIST.
Before you go to the grocery shop, simply write down a list of your needs with enough supplies till your next trip, not a stockpile to feed an army, provisions will expire and you will be responsible for at least 1 family lacking what's rotting in YOUR pantry. AND STICK TO THE LIST!
This Pandemic is in fact a stressful time for us, I found myself buying stocks of flour, coffee, bottled water and other items that I honestly did not need as much, am I turning into a squirrel?


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