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As if the Pandemic in itself is not bad enough, not scary enough, not ugly enough, reports of child abuse have been increasing since the confinement and social isolation started. Predators are taking advantage of the lockdown to put their criminal behavior into action. HOW SICK IS THAT!
As of 2006 the World Health Organization (WHO) classified four main types of child abuse:
  • Emotional abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Neglect 
To my biggest disappointment, child abuse is still a taboo in some of our communities, and whilst declaring an abuser to protect other children is the right thing to do, unfortunately some people still think it's scandalous and argue that it would be harmful for the child, indirectly holding him responsible of a monstrous crime to which he was a victim.  

The urgency of the matter of child abuse does not tolerate any kind of sugar-coating.
Reports of all types of child abuse are emerging and have increased by 22% around the world. Unfortunately the 22% increase is not the real number, the problems with child abuse are forked, many factors are at count, not only the types of abuse but also the age of the child and his comprehension of the abuse, the child's background meaning the cultural and educational differences in societies, the social taboos, the identity of the abuser, the frequency of the abuse, the emotional intelligence quotient of the child, the psychological reaction a child has towards an abuse and many other factors play a role in an abusive situation, therefore, each case is unique with a unique plan of rescue but all have the same goal, the rescue of the abused child.
Sheltering in place for as long as what may seem a decade, has stressed out families, parents are worried and children are nervous and acting out, uncomprehending of the sudden changes in their lives. This is a dangerous equation for violence-prone parents. In this scenario, emotional and physical abuse are becoming a part of the scenario as much as neglect as a passive aggressive kind of abuse, especially when the legal guardians are becoming more and more depressed, the three types of abuse are deeply scaring for a child regardless of the intensity of the abuse in itself, not any different of the sexual abuse, only much more dangerous because it might happen without leaving a physical trace, invisible, a father, a mother or a sibling that are sexually abusing their child, brother/sister can manipulate the child into thinking it's a game, it's a punishment, it's normality or any other technique to keep the child suppressed. Many boys and girls live with a blood related predator and are being sexually harassed or abused on a regular basis but numbers also indicate an increased number of online abuse. Sexual predators are using the Covid-19 Pandemic to entrap children of all ages who are left online and unsupervised.
Children have lost their security net with this confinement. In normal circumstances, doctors, nurses, teachers, neighbors, "outside observers", those are the people that usually report abuse cases, an unusual bruise, a child acting out, a sudden change of character, any sign, even a lead instinct, they start asking questions, those are the anonymous heroes in every child's story.
Not every sign means a child is being abused, but sudden and acute changes in a child always mean something, and it is always worth further investigations. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING:
  • Your child is having nightmares or other sleep disorder with no explanations.
  • Your child begins suffering from eating disorders, his eating habits suddenly change.
  • Your child has sudden violent mood swings.
  • Your child starts dropping hints of a sexual nature that might open a sexual discussion.
  • Your child starts drawing, writing or playing games with sexual content.
  • Your child is showing adult-like sexual behavior and knowledge.
  • Your child starts mentioning a new older "friend".
  • Your child expresses disgust towards self or body.
  • Regressive behavior, like bed-wetting and thumb sucking.
  • Throws tantrums for removing clothes.
  • Play inadequate sexual games.
Abused children are confined in place with their abuser, whether real or virtual, with no escape. At any doubt, know that you are morally and legally obligated to report it to proper authorities, and also be aware that YOU are a partner in crime if you look the other way.

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