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ننشر الأمل في زمن الأزمات

? What to do when Covid-19 is a guest at your upcoming wedding

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The wedding season is here! The bigger the better! That's the motto when it comes to weddings in our beloved Middle Eastern culture. We like BIG weddings, a wedding with an attitude and a statement. Matrimonial celebrations are an expression of both the couple's love for each other and their love for family and friends, we want EVERYONE in our wedding celebrating with us, starting with our 7th degree cousins reaching our kindergarten buddies. It's just the way we are!
Many little girls and boys grow up dreaming of a fairy tale wedding, as we grow up we start the path of meeting one potential partner then another until we meet THE ONE. This is where we develop together an idealistic idea about the big day, we want everything to be perfect, we want everyone to be on their best behavior, sometimes reaching a point where the quest for perfection becomes beyond reasonable and this, unfortunately, means no one is happy anymore.
I remember an entertainment show by the name of "Bridezilla", an entire series dedicated to brides cracking under the pressure of planning a wedding. I must specify, brides and grooms to be, become more difficult to deal with before their wedding, because planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, and no one is at his best when burned out. Aside from big weddings being very expensive, planning a wedding means getting in contact with the wedding industry from A to Z, and even if you have a wedding planner, to handle all the details, the last call is yours and it's the decision making of the big day that is the most stressful.
Did you know that the global wedding industry has an income of an estimated 300 Billion Dollars per year? It is in fact one of the biggest industries in the world and was one of the most sustainable industries until the CoronaVirus Pandemic. We vow to each other "for better or worse", if this Pandemic feels like the "worse" and that's how you're starting off, then cheer up because the "better" is bound to come! 
Slight change of plans is not a bad idea when it comes to weddings, why not have an intimate small, very small, wedding? Yes, you dreamed for years of a big white wedding, and yes you finally got to plan it all up to the tiniest detail, you finally set THE DATE but keep in mind that it's not the wedding ceremony that counts, it's the marriage that comes after. You can have a long, happy marriage even after what, to your standards, might seem like a disastrous wedding. Think outside the box, you can have a special wedding with memories to last you and the small amount of people who care enough to attend your wedding, a lifetime! Stick to your family members and close friends, others will understand, and have your BIG DAY in a tiny way.
Did you know that online weddings are a thing nowadays? Hundreds of couples are turning Facebook into their own virtual venue, they are livestreaming the ceremony on Facebook so that more people could participate. "Minimony" instead of a ceremony!
Why not have your wedding at your parent's backyard with the proper lighting and a smooth weather, a small reception and the smell of your hand-picked flowers, an elegant decor that you would much appreciate if you were a guest, with the music you chose to play in the background of your reception. Just ask yourself WHY NOT? It is certainly not the wedding you planned originally, but it's one that no one will ever forget!
In case you are aching and physically incapable of changing your plans to a better adaptation amid the Covid-19 Pandemic, this should raise a red flag! Start questioning yourself with all honesty if it was the wedding you were after or the lifetime commitment to your future partner? And, if you are bumped out but flexible, then have a HAPPY HAPPY marriage!

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