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When Covid-19 transforms regular relationships into long-distance ones

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Several factors in the past decade are held responsible for the increased number of long-distance relationships. The economy, being the number one factor, because of the crisis the world has been going through and the increasing percentage of unemployment specifically in the Middle East, many partners are obligated to move to a different country to provide for their families, or attempt to financially secure their future. Another main factor, is the internet, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, the online dating apps and social media platforms that are open for interactions are a reason for single people virtually meeting, virtually falling in love, and virtually venturing in a long-distance relationship.
Prior to the CoronaVirus Pandemic, there were several elements involved to classify a long-distance relationship, the couple was not able to be together physically except for a few times a month or even more, video and voice calls were the basic communication tool, texting via short text messages or smart apps and missing out on major occasions like New Year's eve, Valentines and anniversaries.
These elements are gathered today, amid the Covid-19 Pandemic, most non-marital relationships are endangered because of the social isolation, the quarantine and the lockdown. We are required by law to keep our distances and we have a moral obligation towards ourselves, our loved ones and our society to transform our relationships into long-distance relationships.
Did you make it so far?
According to a recent research, the success rate of long-distance relationships is very similar to regular relationships, 58% success rate to be exact, long-distance just like any other relationship is like a flip of a coin.
A newly long-distance relationship will survive the Pandemic, distance does not kill a union especially if there's endurance, and this only builds between a couple if both partners are willing to compromise and plan for adjusting with change. Yes, long-distance may require more effort than a regular relationship, but it is not doomed.
I am not saying it's going to be easy nevertheless, here are some hacks to keep the flames burning in your newly Covid-19 union.
  • Headphones, AirPods, and hands-off phone devices are there for a reason, and the reason is definitely not spending your every second of the day talking with your partner, save some for later.
  • Keep the communication creative, long awkward silences are red flags in a relationship, keep it short, if you have nothing more to say, hang up.
  • Stay flirtatious and sexy, sexual tension is a must-have between a couple, it is needed emotionally for both parties.
  • Share your daily routine and share online activities together, watch a movie and discuss it, play an online game as partners or go online shopping together.
  • Start planning for after the Pandemic is over, allow yourself to daydream together, regardless of the possibility of achieving or not, it's always better to have a future plan, just in case!
  • Do not organize your day according to your partner, allow yourself your free time as well as your partner's free time. No one is running away anywhere!
  • Share your stories, update your partner on what happened with Sarah's interview and Grandma's scone recipe.
  • Try to stay positive and grateful, distance in a relationship can get very stressful, but you need to remind yourself, and your significant other, that the wait is worth the while.

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