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Coming back to life after lifting Covid-19 lockdown restrictions

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Countries around the world are starting to ease the quarantine and lockdown restrictions, even the hardest-hit ones like the U.S.A, Latin America, India, all around Europe and the Middle East. Do we know why? Do we know for sure if it's the right thing to do midst the Pandemic? Are we sure that it is safe?
One thing is for sure, Covid-19 has had consequences on the global economy as hard as the Virus itself on our health, and the only difference is that the economy affects everyone, while contracting the virus may be preventable.
We still don't know what our future will look like, some pessimist scientists claim the extinction of the human race, while others say that our species will still surpass other forms of life, in both cases we don't need to worry about that today, we still have time ahead of us until our extinction, our main concern today should be about getting back to our "normal" lives, or adapting with the "new normal".
If the question is how will our future look like? The definite answer is face masks, face masks are rising up to "normality". At the beginning of the Pandemic, face masks looked weird, and a trip to the grocery shop seemed a bit like an outer space mission, however today, people mingling in public mask free are frowned upon, in case they escape the careful eye of the authorities.

Lifting the lockdown restrictions, is in fact a relief to a lot of us, sheltering in place and social isolation were one of the hardest things we had to do amid the Pandemic, but the near future will show us how much we've learned from the experience, if a second wave of Covid-19 hits globally, the only explanation would be that the human race is either irresponsible or that we are too cocky to keep the safety measures required, or BOTH!
A hygienic, sanitized world awaits us, entries and exits, we will be checked for fever and mandated for not wearing our protective shields in nonessential businesses, like shopping malls, gym centers and movie theaters. We are living in a world where we are warned over and over again that if we let our emotions get ahead of the facts, lose our common-sense and act as if Covid-19 is gone to no return, we will cause a second wave of the deadly virus, and lockdowns all over the world will be forced again, therefore we must keep track of the CoronaVirus facts, regularly checking with official information resources like WHO.
Hitting the Gym, the restaurants and the clubs, although might be permitted in some road maps for easing the lockdown restrictions, might not be a very good idea for the time being. Enclosed areas where everyone is breathing the same air are called high risk places for a reason!
Be smart about your everyday life, if you were burdened by the quarantine like the rest of us, if international travel was banned, it was not a coincidence, it was because it's nearly impossible to avoid crowds and mingling, adjourn your well planned trips so you would enjoy them carefree.
None of us is safe, until a vaccine or a proper treatment for Covid-19 is out we will need to wash our hands more frequently, cough and sneeze more politely and greet each other differently.

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