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Is Covid-19 exposing your emotional exhaustion

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Wake-up at 6 AM, have a quick shower, get dressed quickly, have a quick coffee and a quick breakfast, have the kids ready for school, basically run around the house like a maniac and get to work by 9 AM. These were our mornings prior to the novel CoronaVirus, and the rest of our days were as hectic as our mornings, we used to long for our day off, the weekend used to be a steady break out of the fast forward lives we lead to provide for ourselves and our families.
When Covid-19 hit the world, we were stunned, not only because of the danger our health is threatened by, but also because our daily routine was interrupted, and the physical burnout we got so used to, that was almost our comfort zone, froze. Prior to Covid-19 Pandemic, life became so demanding that we rarely had the time to stop, breathe for a minute and check our mental health, our emotional state. "How am I doing" Is the question we missed a whole lot of times. Today, due to the isolation and our incompetency to deal with all the free time on our hands, we are paying for it.
If the question is "how am I doing?", a little over 4 months of WHO declaring the outbreak of Covid-19, the answer should be "I am emotionally exhausted".
Emotional exhaustion is a state of emotional and mental acute fatigue that might drag physical damage such as restlessness, chronic sleep disorders, headache and dizziness with slowed responses, reflexes and mood irritability. The main problem of emotional exhaustion is our mental schemes, our mind map, the way we automatically think and react to our day-to-day lives, we have been forged into overcommitting, taking on responsibilities more than we can handle which causes us to be overwhelmed and chances are, most jobs we carry out do not get done properly because of the lack of attention they got in the first place. We are only humans and we have a certain amount of capacity and energy to give.
It all starts when we feel that we lost control over our lives, over the years we have accumulated stress from the combination of our work and personal lives, but we "kept going". Think of it as if you were a participant in a rally paper, except in this case the game is not fun and there's nothing but loss that comes out of it! You have stops along your path with luggage to pick up, which you drag along with you to your next stop, and the heavy baggage keeps getting bigger and bigger until it drains you mentally, physically and emotionally.
Dealing with emotional exhaustion starts by taking on less, stop the emotional weight gain, you don't need all the things you're doing, stop overthinking, worrying about what you can not change is draining yourself with no end result, certain lifestyle changes can be handy in emotional exhaustion, schedule your sleep habits and stick to them, a healthy diet and exercise are a given in any mental health improvement, talk to a trusted someone and most importantly prioritize your duties and desires, eliminate some of the ones that made the bottom list. TAKE A BREAK, you've earned it!

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