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Is Covid-19 starting to make you crave human touch

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Cravings, to crave something is to have a sudden need to consume that something, cravings are usually related to food and substance, like an addict, a smoker that is trying to stop smoking craves a cigarette, a foodie would have a sudden urge to have French fries or ice-cream. Prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I have never heard of someone CRAVING a hug, a stroke on the hair or a kiss, but since the orders of social distancing our wants and needs are turning into cravings. Covid-19 is making us junkies of human touch.
Instructions are, "keep your distances" at least 2 meters away from others. In order to avoid being exposed to Covid-19 we are asked to physically distance away from each other, we are also asked to wear masks to prevent the spread of the Virus and to wear rubber gloves, all human touch is prevented to curb the spread and flatten the curve of Covid-19.

One of the first things that come to mind is the importance of physical contact between a mother and an infant, studies show the importance of skin-to-skin contact between a mother and her newborn, the early contact guarantees a healthier physical and psychological development of the baby, and it also reduces the risk of having baby blues, even postpartum depression for mothers after childbirth, thereby an improved function of the immune system. How does that happen? Our organs react to the human touch, it calms the cardiovascular stress and activates the body's vagus nerve and releases the oxytocin, the "love" hormone.
Did you know that babies can actually die because of deprivation of skin-to-skin and physical contact, they can stop growing and even die of depression, they stop eating and starve themselves to death. Did you know that there is evidence with different studies that human touch lowers levels of aggression amongst children and adults?
Deprivation of human touch is not only harmful physiologically, it is also destructive on different psychological levels, touch helps people bond together, it builds trust and helps preventing commitment issues for individuals, our well-being is directly related to human touch, we become warm at heart and more affectionate, it builds up our compassion towards each other and lowers our daily anxiety levels.
One of the most important experimental researches on the importance of physical contact and touch was performed by Harry Harlow in the 1930's, on young monkeys, although unethical to today's standards, it proves that touch is a necessary component to anyone's happiness, mental health and well-being, the experiment demonstrates that providing warmth, comfort and security assures proper development and emotional stability for baby monkeys.
I stumbled upon a romantic drama called "Five Feet Apart", it follows young patients with Cystic Fibrosis trying to have a relationship despite the five feet distance they have to keep away from each other.
We have a lot to learn from CF patients and the way they cope with their daily lives with all the restrictions they are committed to in order to reduce the risk of cross-infections. The only difference is that Covid-19 is bound to fade away and we will eventually be able to touch, hug and kiss each other, while CF patients are still at the mercy of a proper treatment for their fatal disease.
For those of you who are just like myself, suffocating when being hugged, cherishing "my personal space" and now finding yourself craving human touch, are you happy now?😏

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